Voice, data, & video – anytime, anywhere

ArcusIT Solutions has a broad portfolio of voice and data products and services to satisfy your communications requirements, wherever your operations are located.

Our products range from hand-portable satellite phones and data terminals, mobile systems and remote site fixed installations, offering different performance options to suit your operational needs.

Mobile VSAT SystemsProducts

ArcusIT Solutions has a range of mobile VSAT satellite Internet systems for all Industries and agencies. The VSAT systems can be transported in a vehicle, mounted on top of any vehicle roof or a trailer or fixed mounted for remote locations or as a communications backup.


Thuraya Portable BroadbandProducts

Connect to the Internet from any location in the Eastern Hemisphere at broadband speeds with a portable Thuraya IP terminal that fit inside of a laptop case, yet deliver broadband speeds of up to 444 Kbps. Now you can establish a mobile office in any remote or urban location.


BGAN Satellite TerminalsProducts

Connect a Laptop, Smartphone or Any Wireless Device to a BGAN portable satellite terminal for High-Speed Internet and Phone from anywhere on the planet. These terminals are small to be carried inside of a laptop case and they are  the winners for portability and ease of setup .


Satellite PhonesPruducts

Satellite Phone technology has improved considerably, and today, satellite phones are capable of low to medium speed Internet connectivity, and can create Wi-Fi hotspots for other devices to connect. Full use Phone – Internet and SMS Instant Messaging are are all now available with cool new tech!