Mobile VSAT Systems

Voice, data & video – anytime, anywhere

ArcusIT Solutions has a range of mobile VSAT satellite Internet systems for all Industries and agencies. This VSAT systems can be transported in a vehicle, mounted on top of any vehicle roof or a trailer or fixed mounted in remote locations or as a backup communication link in crisis.

Toughsat T-100 TrailerT-100 Trailer - 252x173 - 2

The T-100 self-contained multi-purpose auto-pointing  communications trailer, can be quickly deployed at any location to create a high-speed satellite Internet connection and then automatically establish a secure wireless network up to 800m from the trailer. This powerful communications tool can provide essential secure internet, phone and video in 15 minutes after parking, and free up the towing vehicle to perform other tasks.


Toughsat FlyawayVSAT 252x173 -2

The mid-sized portable Flyaway Toughsat mobile satellite    system, is easily transported and deployed for high-speed satellite Internet service from anywhere. The multi-functional Fly-And-Drive stabilisation brackets work for both ground mounting and roof rack mounts… even rental vehicles! Once the system is  assembled operation is as easy as pressing the “Deploy” button creating a secure   wireless network with access to Internet and phone.


ASAT-P1ASAT-P1 - 252x173 - 2

A small and portable Satellite system, designed and made in Australia, that is easily transported and deployed by one person in 30 minutes. The ASAT-P1 can connect to any internet source by wired, wireless hotspot or by Satellite uplink and is designed to operate in harsh environments. When operational it provides secure  wireless network up to 30m for internet, VOIP, video and access to critical systems.