With increasing mobility, IT security is essential

Whether you are a small or large organisation, the way your employees communicate today differs significantly from how they did as little as five years ago. When, where, and how employees work is changing.  Workers are increasingly mobile and are demanding the use of their own devices, such as smartphones and tablets, to stay productive on the go. Employees’ mobility and the use of personal devices to access corporate data and resources opens up a new challenge: meeting the needs of an ever more mobile workforce while continuing to ensure that corporate data is secured and managed appropriately.

In the current digital economy, applications and devices used to enhance productivity operate in the same space as that in which cyber-attacks take place. A victim’s online activity has become the cyber attacker’s tool with which the prize of private data and information is acquired. Each device presents a gateway that is vulnerable to security breaches. Although quantifying the total cost is difficult, evidence from operational agencies suggests that the economic burden of cybercrime in Australia is substantial.

According to ArcusIT Solutions’ Technical Director Martin Fritz, to protect their assets and reputation, Local Governments need to reconsider their IT security risk assessments and how vulnerability controls are applied. It is not just council offices, but also the myriad of council-operated facilities located across the council area, that require the implementation of security solutions.

Some councils are beginning to assess cloud technology options as part of the latest security offerings. It is crucial to recognise however, that implementing cloud-based security solutions alone is not enough to provide reliable protection against today’s complex threats. What is required is a unified end-to-end approach across all levels of the organisation.

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