Virtual Command Centre

ArcusIT Solutions has designed a cloud based Virtual Emergency Coordination Centre solution that has desktop services, cloud based servers and VoIP phones connected to external lines and that can be accessed and operated from anywhere. The Virtual Emergency Coordination Centre combined with a Satellite Backup Connectivity will give you peace of mind that in any situation you can run your operation and effectively communicate with State Government, other agencies and your community.

Our Virtual Command Centre system will continually backup your Guardian and other systems and data and keep it ready to be used in the cloud when you need it. Should you need to activate the Virtual Command Centre away from home base, simply connect to the virtual desktop services from any temporary facility, and in minutes you are working on your server’s data, and with the applications on the desktops that you know.

We can implement a Virtual Command Centre either as the full resilient solution for your systems and data used in the Centre or as a primary Centre hosted on the cloud and managed by us to keep it ready for activation when it is needed.