Fixed Backup Communications

Backup Communications over Satellite is aimed to provide an extra level of internet connection to Emergency Operations Centre installation or remote office. ArcusIT Solutions will install a satellite dish and provide a secure internet service through an Ethernet connection to enable email, internet access, VOIP phones and video conferencing in the Emergency Operations Centre to continue operation in a crisis.

Standard system bandwidth is available in different plans depending on the expected use per month. It should be noted that all satellite systems managed by ArcusIT Solutions have the ability to increase available bandwidth to cater for a real emergency.

A satellite backup communication is just that— a backup link, when there is nothing else working. No mobile phones. No internet connection. Your Centre will be able  to operate, but in a reduced capacity. Our system is rated for up to 12 computers simultaneously using internet, or 12 IP phones or videoconferencing, while the others are working locally, so coordination of activities is required during operation.

This VSAT Satellite backup communication is proven when used  by Public Safety agencies during numerous emergency situations in support of the incident management teams.

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