Mobile Communication


The Mobile Communication systems are specially designed for business continuity to provide a Mobile Office  for the Emergency Management teams, and in limited capacity for other business functions if required.

The Mobile Communication system can be connected to any available internet connection or it can run stand alone on 3G/4G or satellite. It is build on the self-contained multi-purpose auto-pointing  communications trailer (Toughsat T-100) that can be quickly deployed at any location. It creates a high-speed satellite Internet connection and then automatically establishes a secure wireless network up to 800m from the trailer. This powerful communications tool can provide essential secure internet, phone and video in 15 minutes after parking, and free up the towing vehicle to perform other tasks.Mobile Communication

When operational, the Mobile Communications system provides all facilities including laptops, IP Phones, a server, multi-function colour printer (print-scan-copy-fax), data storage and a LCD display with fully secured internet connectivity and Wi-Fi for connecting mobile devices e.g. smartphones and tablets. Any specific emergency management software, tools and data will be loaded onto the Mobile Office during customisation activities to provide fully functional office environment with email, telephony with hands free and display ID functionality, access to web and business resources as well as access to other standalone and online systems.

The complete Mobile Office is stored in the general road cases and rugged cases for easy transport by 4WD or utility vehicle. The cases are very functional and convert to the desk/workbench and set of draws creating an instant office space. The Mobile Office setup can be easily achieved within two hours with a minimum of two trained staff.

Because every satellite system has bandwidth limitations, we use differing methods to achieve performance but as user numbers increase so does the complexity and associated cost.  There are limits to the number of simultaneous connections. The Mobile Office can be optimised for up to 12 stations (active users) and with appropriate training the staff will be able to use the system to get optimal performance.

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