Consulting Services

Are you looking to effectively support your current business operations while also paving a sensible path to be more efficient, secure and mobile?  Then you need ArcusIT Consulting Services that can work with you to plan and build innovative solutions and optimise your IT environment.

Emerging technology trends and evolving business needs make it increasingly challenging to keep your ICT environment optimised, while strengthening competitiveness in the current global market.  Selecting the right IT strategy is no easy task, but it is essential for safeguarding the long-term viability of your business; falling behind is not an option.

The ArcusIT Consulting Services team has experience and a comprehensive skillset, spanning strategy, organisation and technology to develop a customised plan of action and IT model for your business.  Our specialists understand your real-world needs and industry-specific challenges – and can draw on their many years’ working in the IT space and countless successful projects.  Our team will give you advice that focuses on delivering value to your business, so you can make informed decisions regarding the implementation and use of technology.

ArcusIT Solutions provides implementation, project, program, and change management expertise to help you build integrated solutions and prepare for seamless operation.  We simplify and help you manage your transformation projects to ensure you realise the desired benefits to the business.

We offer experienced help in all aspects of planning your organisation’s IT agenda, including:

Project and Program Management

Do you have one or more strategic IT projects that are critical to your organisation’s growth? Perhaps you need expert help with programming, scheduling, resourcing, or managing delivery to deliver great outcomes? ArcusIT consultants, with years of experience are the perfect supplement to your own expert staff, and can suggest real world strategies to make your projects pay off. Use our expertise to enhance your internal project management techniques and methodologies, or even to help set up your organisation’s Project Management Office.

Business Needs Analysis

You already know where you want your business to be heading, and sometimes an experienced partner is the ideal way to crystalize the right strategies to get you there. ArcusIT consultants have worked extensively with businesses of all verticals and sizes to add value. Corporates, Government and Semi-government, SMEs – ArcusIT consultants have worked with them all for years, and understand the particular needs of each. Why not take advantage of all of that experience and get the benefit for your company today?

Business Process Analysis and Optimisation

You know your business, and you have been successfully growing it for years. But are the business processes that you developed years ago still the best options now that your company has grown? Are your current business processes actually holding your organisation back because no one has had the time to give them a check-up for years? ArcusIT can provide the fresh eyes, wide experience and bandwidth that you can use to fine tune how you do business, and be getting every available drop of efficiency out of your team.

Risk Identification and Management

Business risk is a fact of life, but how many of us have actually had the time and expertise to identify and quantify the specifics risks associated with our company? And how many of those who have already identified risks actually have mitigation and avoidance strategies in place to address them? Who has the time? ArcusIT does! Let us work with you to have these safeguards in place before you need them.

Business Continuity Planning

Closely related to Risk Management, Continuity Planning involves developing strategies and plans to ensure that your business objectives can continue to be met, even in the face of significant failures of infrastructure that support them. Typically amongst the last things that businesses consider until the worst case arises, ArcusIT Consultants can help you develop and test failover plans that ensure a smooth transition to business as usual, regardless of the situation. Be ahead of the pack using ArcusIT knowhow.